Document Imaging

Document Capture

Document Capture or Document Imaging consists of methods that capture data from documents, pictures or any file and convert the data into readable electronic formats.  Useful document types and indexing of the images are key later easy retrieval. Image are usually stored and managed in a Document Management system.

The cost involved with document imaging and enterprise document management projects vary with the size of the project. Costs and expenses add up quickly. Good planning and execution are essential for a successful implementation.

The Return on investment (ROI) can be measured by user productivity increases and their ability to access documents quickly and more effectively. Return on investment, ROI periods are relativity short averaging 1 to 2 years based on the project costs.

Image Integrators, Inc. performs technology consulting, document imaging, and document management analysis. Our team of professionals has over 25 years of experience investigating business processes, network infrastructures and designing scalable systems with right software vendor.  We have successful imaging implementations in several industries including: Insurance, Legal, Banking, Accounting, Transportation, Medical, Construction and Governments.

If your project is a couple of boxes of documents or tens of thousands of boxes, the team at Image Integrators, Inc. can provide the management and leadership to complete entire projects from the concept through the conversion of any files in to the successful installation of a paperless environment.

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