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Want to Hold A Successful Charity Auction?
Part 3





The differences

   For Profit auctions differ from charity auctions in a couple key ways.

Regular auctions are obviously for profit to someone: owner of the goods and or the auctioneer.

  Everyone has to be paid, whether itís the auctioneer, the assistants, the owners the producers, services, advertising, storage.

The charity auction is fundamentally based on the principle of volunteered time and services with all profits going for a great cause.

  Tip #1 :  You get what you pay for.

  Tip#2 :  You have to spend money to make money.

  Tip#3 :  No one is going to criticize for spending money if you end the event with a profit.

  Tip#4:  Spend money on services that enhance the charity auction revenue, use volunteers to do the tasks that are not directly related to enhancing the revenue.

  More differences are:

Charity events combine a social event with a good charity cause.

People are coming to support the charity first, to get a good deal second.

The auction at the charity event is generally considered one of the prime parts of entertainment for the evening.  That fact makes a high priority goal to really be entertaining. 

All of these differences play an important part in all decisions, starting with the very first decisions about the theme, the leadership, the financial goals and measuring success.



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This series of auction articles was originally written by Dan Eckert
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