Want to Hold A Successful Charity Auction?





Want to Hold A Successful Charity Auction?

Originally written by Dan Eckert


             Clients often ask us if we have ever put our years of auction experiences in a book.  Well, no we haven't because we have never had the time. And, who would really ever be interested in all this stuff.  One cold winter evening Bob Eckelkamp and I sat down with an adult beverage and a yellow pad and started to list all the points we could think of that would make or break one of our charity auctions.

             We listed the obvious: no bidders, no items to sell, losing our voice.  Then Bob said, "remember that auction we did in 1997 when the sound system went dead and that outdoor auction when the horse got spooked and scared the audience."  And that reminded me of the auction I did at the Dallas zoo with screaming elephants drowning out my selling.

            It wasn't long before we realized we did have quite a long list of "do's and don'ts"... good ideas and bad...and like all professions, successes we like to brag about and those we would like to forget.  That is how this got started.

            In a few pages we will do more to list our credentials, our years...and that's as in 35 years of combined experience at planning, producing and managing charity auctions...both $100 total for the night charity auctions and $500,000 total for the night charity auctions...

            So get out your pen to write notes in the margins and sticky notes to mark the good chapters.  You're going to get our best and worst experiences, our tips for success and our horrors to avoid. And...hopefully you'll be on your way to planning and producing a successful charity auction that the town will rave about, your friends will never stop talking about and your toughest decision will be if you want to do it year.



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This series of auction articles was originally written by Dan Eckert
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