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Ledger Page Page media description Date, Title Description, Comments
1^ newspaper Obituary of Texas State Representative Eli T. Craig   1812-1867, in Marshall, Harrison Co. Texas
1 newspaper "Can't Think About it Now" No fallacy of impenitence is so fatal, and a the same time
1 newspaper Obituary of Mary E. Coleman,  W.S.Coleman
1 newspaper Beautiful Line. The speakers are a dying girl and her lover. Approx 210 words
1 newspaper Matrimony,  Approx  160 words
1 newspaper Reparator Capilli,  approx 30 words
1 newspaper "The editor of the Columbus, Ga Sun hear the following  Approx 80 word
1 newspaper Crisper Coma. OH!  She was beautiful and fair, 23 words
1 newspaper Old Times There's a beautiful song approx 180 words
2 newspaper What a little boy can do. "I wish, I, wish I wish,"  said the little boy, Approx 600 words
2 newspaper Miss Cary's Lover's Diary The course of my true love,  Approx 600 words
2 newspaper Lines:  by "Jane T. H. Cross" Dedicated to my friend in Spartanburg, S.C., 260 words
2 newspaper Flowers of the field,  Approx 72 words
3 newspaper The Tyrannical Father  Approx 2071 words
4 newspaper The Devil's Delights, Approx 640 words
4 newspaper The Good Shepherd, by W.F. Little..?  Approx 100 words
4 newspaper RESURGAM, by Sozodont,  For the Jefferson Times , approx 150 word
4 newspaper Chignoas,  The War Continues, from the London Punch, May 4 Approx 160 words
4 newspaper Fancies-"Did you see Dennis Mahony steal the pig?  Approx 240 word
4 newspaper Plea for the Boys.   100 words
5 newspaper Silvers of Thought, by Jose Billings, Approx  650 words
5^ newspaper Life Leaves,   Approx 270 words
5 newspaper The Jackets of Gray  Approx 100 words
5 newspaper My Home Upon the Hill, Nov 2, 1867 For the Texas Republican,  Marshall,  125 words
5 newspaper A Scotchman on Miracles, Approx 250 words 
5 newspaper The Beggar Baby, Approx 250 words
5 newspaper Old Times  Approx 200 word
6 ledger Dec 3 1856 I have the honor to advertisement to "The Farmer of Texas"
6 ledger Dec 3 1856 Wreck over a bar at Pass Cavallo, details of loss, Captain Bowen
7 newspaper Voices At The Throne, By T. Westford, Approx 230 words
7^ newspaper The Deserted Wife, From The Memphis Appeal. Approx 200 words
7 newspaper "Taking a Dislike" An ill-natured follow quarreled with his sweetheart on the day they were to be..
7^ newspaper Home After Business Hours, 235 words
7 newspaper Amusing Anecdote - -Daniel Webster had an anecdote of old Father Searl. Approx 125
7 newspaper Tobacco -- by Chemical News,  Abbe Migne condemning the use of tobacco and snuff 250 words
7^ newspaper I Rise To Seek The Light, 150 words
8 newspaper Saturday Night--How many a kiss has been given,  256 words
8 newspaper Wasted Time-- Alone in the dark and silent night  260 words
8 newspaper It Can't Be True--Superabundant Verdency--The Cincinnati Enquirer tells , Approx 250 words
8 newspaper Jamie  "Father, where is our Jamie to night?" Approx 200 words
8 newspaper The Pipe by Edward F. Morehead Approx 150 Words
8 newspaper Idle Daughter It is a painful spectacle in families, where the mother is the drudge,  200 words
8 newspaper "An old lady announced in court at Atlanta..: 50 words
9 newspaper "Who are you, that dare disturb.." Approx 200 words
9 newspaper "Two mail riders have been murdered.." Approx 175 words
9 newspaper From the Heart, by Fabre Crayon Approx 175 word
9 newspaper Garroting in Paris - Paris Press  Approx 300 words
9 newspaper "Forbidden Fruit- and yet from Childhood days"  Approx 200 words
9 newspaper Captive Woman-A correspondent of the St Louis Republican Approx 200 words
9 newspaper Mrs. Caudle,  30 words
9 newspaper Said a little Child.  35 words
9 newspaper Pitch and Toss, 35 words
9 newspaper "A young lady in Armstrong county, Penn,"  50 words
10 newspaper Elegy on the Death of Lizze, Consor of Joh Webb. Approx 300 Words
10 newspaper The Half Breed, Bent  Approx 400 words
10 newspaper The Dying Year, By Fabre Crayon 37 words
10 newspaper EGO and ECHO Approx 250 words
10 newspaper "The editor of the Louisville Journal says,…"
11 newspaper The Josh Billings Papers-Remnants Approx 300 words
11 newspaper Too Early Marriages Approx 125 word
11 newspaper Everything Miss, Approx 125 word
11 newspaper Never Forsake a Friend, Approx 100 words
11 newspaper Origin of Plants, Approx 100 words
11 newspaper Singular Case, Approx 100 words
11 newspaper 4 short paragraphs totaling Approx one hundred
12 ledger Dec 13, 1857 Forwarding beef contract between Peter Harmanson and Lt Phillips, Ft Belknap
12 ledger Dec 13,1857 Forwarding Ft Belknap's beef contract to the Commanding General
13 newspaper It seemed a Dream by H.M. Radcliff Approx 150 words
13 newspaper Concerning the Soul Approx 225 words
13 newspaper On the Wrong Side of Star Approx 750 words
13 newspaper Fleeting Life  by L.H.C
13 newspaper "A tree stood on a mountain"  Approx 100 words
13 newspaper Thous hasdts a voice whose sound was like the sea
14 ledger Dec 16, 1857, Applying for a expressman to go to Ringgold Barrack
14 ledger Dec 16, 1857, Detail list of subsistence store for Fort Duncan, Eagle Pass, Texas
15 newspaper Penurious Christians. By Times and Witness,  "A wealthy Illinois farmer..." Approx 275 words
15 newspaper Believing, but not Understanding Approx 200 words
15 newspaper The Morality of Manners, Approx 600 words
15 newspaper The King of The Cradle,  by J.A.S.  Approx 500 words
15 newspaper " A man and wife were sitting at breakfast the other day…" Approx 100 words
16 ledger  Dec 16, 1856 Part of the entry pertaining to supply deficiencies
17^ newspaper 46 two line clipping of prose that make a poem
18 newspaper State Prison Life: By one who had been there  Approx 1500 words
19 newspaper The Democratic Party From the Holden Democrat
20 ledger Dec 21 1856, your requisition for potatoes and onions has been received
20 ledger Dec 22, 1856 Check no 181 for one hundred dollars to the order of L Gattings
21 newspaper Twenty Eight minutes to Spare Approx 125 words
21 newspaper Died Augustus Thorndike Smith, Son of Dr. A.T. Smith of Marshall, Texas Approx 250 words
21 newspaper NO MORE Approx 125 words
21 newspaper The Boy and the Broom Approx 125 words
22 ledger Dec 22, 1856, Requesting second copy of subsistence records for Ringgold Barracks
22 ledger Dec 22, 1865 Detailed list of subsistence stores for Fort Chadbourne
23 newspaper The Bunch of Rages - English Paper  Approx 1300 words
23 newspaper "The plain denotes the sinful and miserable condition of those who seek not God" Approx 125
24 ledger Dec 28 , 1856 An inventory of 238 bbls of flour left over from 1856, Maj Gen George Gibson
24 ledger Dec 28, 1856 Request for 175 barrels of flour to be used for the troops, Capt Bowen
25 print/ledger Finishing Touches, 4 maid attending the bride getting dress 8 3/4' X 11" black /White
26 ledger Dec 31, 1856  Reporting for duty, charged with the subsistence of the troop in the Dept TX
27 newspaper A True Wife Approx 750 words
27 newspaper Cast thy Bread Upon the Water Approx 500 words
27 newspaper Off-Hand Writing Approx 75 words
27 newspaper A Place for Prayer Approx 50 words
27 newspaper A Touching Passage, Chateaubriand, approx 500  words
27 newspaper "A clergyman in Scotland:  Approx 40 words
27 newspaper "He took me from a fearful pit Approx 30 words
28 ledger June 24, 1857 Consideration of beef proposal, D.M. Stapp, Indianola, Texas
29 ledger Jan 3, 1857 Check no 184 to Asst Treasury of the US, Lt J.W. Robinson, Ringgold Barracks
29 ledger Jan 3, 1857 Check no 184 to Lt Robinson for $ 150
30 ledger Jan 5, 1857 Check no 184 -$ 200  No 185 - $300   Lt LB Healabird, Fort McKavett
30 ledger Jan 5, 1857 Check no 184 -$ 200  No 185 - $300   Lt LB Healabird, Fort McKavett
31 newspaper Peace in the City  Approx 125 words
31 newspaper A Word to Mothers  Approx 225 words
31 newspaper Cruelty of Rum  Approx 200 words
31 newspaper Trees Approx 100 words
31 newspaper Home tips 4 articles totally about 100 word
31 newspaper From Guilt to Glory
32 ledger Jan 5, 1857 Check no 187 for $700 and 188 for $ 800 to the order of L Desmazieres
32 ledger Jan 10, 1857 Enclosed is my account current for the 4th Quarter 1856
* newspaper Why God Permitted Sin by a Montreal Evangelist, Approx 625 word
* newspaper A True Lover and True Man, by John Clare, Approx 175 word
* newspaper Promise of Rest, by J.F. Kindrick  For the Advocate  Approx 180 words
* newspaper Song of the Dead, by Edward Morehead,  Approx 210 words
* newspaper Praise  Approx 100 words
* newspaper Dear Reader, Montreal Evangelist
* newspaper The Willow  Approx 110 words
* newspaper I Sigh For Thee , by A.W.S.,  C.S.A, Approx  210 word
* handwriting A hand written poem by Manifestas Vantas
* handwriting A hand written poem by Magnolia
33 newspaper Christmas  From Father Ryan's Carol  Approx 156 word
33 newspaper The Meadow Path Approx 130 words
33^ newspaper The Old Log House, Approx 145 words
33^ newspaper The Bivouac of the Dead, Approx 576 words
33 print/label Color label of a maiden at a well
34 ledger Jan 15, 1857, On account check no 24 for commissary funds  Major Wagner
35 newspaper Contentment-Its Advantage Approx 450 words
35 newspaper "What! Just as I Am"  Approx 200 words
35 newspaper The Horse
35 newspaper A beautiful Tribute to Virginia, By the Hon, D.W. Voorhees, of Indiana Approx 125 words
35^ newspaper A Remarkable Manuscript, The execution of order of Jesus Christ, Approx 210 words
35 newspaper Standing at the Gate, by  Ennis Approx 150 words
36 newspaper Daughters lost, Approx 1200 words
36 newspaper Drunken Fellow, Approx 45 words
36 newspaper Best way  approx 25 words
36 newspaper Congressional Dish. approx 125 words
36 newspaper Just see was an infatuated youth approx 140 words
37 handwriting Two hand written poem and a black and white print 2 1/4 X 3"
37 print A woman in a period dress
38 ledger Partial entry complain about the weather and the need to stock up for the winter
38 ledger Jan. 22, 1857, Please arrange the necessary Transportation…detail stores, Fort Duncan 
39 newspaper The Home Corner, for the little ones. Approx 600 words
39 print  Color print Red Lion Sq. London, a woman  sitting with a cat  2 1/4 X 3 
39 newspaper Music hath Charms Approx 350 words
39 newspaper Our Game Bag 8 3 line clips of humor
39 newspaper What Constitutes a lady?  Approx 100 word
39 newspaper What is a gentleman?  Approx 200 words



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