Transcribed Newspaper articles from 1866 -1871

A Card                                                 A Little Girl with Freckles                    

A Patriot If You Succeed                      At The Ball

A Woman's Question                            Baby's First Tooth                            

Beauty and Ugliness                              Comfort for Octogenarian                   

Concert and Reading                             Cotton Plant Stove                               

Faded Flowers                                       Fading Away                                       

Fan Flirtations                                        Flirtation with an Handkerchief       

For the Spectator-1870                         Freedom Sinks When Honor Dies   

Gather the Rosebuds                              Good and Bad Farm Stock            

Home After Business Hours                   Humorous                                            

I Rise To Seek The Light                       Idle Daughters  

Jefferson As It Was                               R Alston Lavender    

Lines                                                      Love Light                                           

Lunch For The Humorist                        Manuring Land                                     

Married Life                                          Miss Cary's Lover's Diary                    

New York Swindlers                             Obsequies At Marshall -1870    

Old Newspapers                                    Our First Lost                     

Our Texas Correspondence                    Power of Sympathy                      

Racy Lines                                             San Domingo                          

Saturday Night                                       Self-Denial

Smitten in Church                                   Something of a Conundrum                  

Starving                                                  Suggestions of Spring   

Ten miles for ten cents                            The Bachelorís Home   

The Effeminate Man                                The Lost Chord  

The Old Story                                        The Silver Wedding

The Soldiers of The Cross                       Tobacco

Tom Coleman                                        True to The Gray   

Wasted Time                                         We Have Parted     

 What a Little Boy can do                       What a year?

What Children Can Do                          What Does It Matter           

What is Earth?                                       Wishing Cap

Woman's Influence


Media:  Newspaper articles, glued to Pages of the Ledger of Captain W. B. Blair 1856-58



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