7 Miles South-east of Marshall.

Mr. Editor: A question has been asked concerning my political views and I beg leave through your columns to answer said questions, hoping it will be no intrusion on you or your readers

I am informed by a friend that he had been asked if I was a radical; I answer the question, No, positively No, and I am astonished that such a question was ever asked concerning me for I have been a democrat from my earliest recollections was for Southern Rights, and a strong advocate for secession, done all I could for the Confederacy, and when I could do no more, I sat myself down and wept over our lost cause.  Since the surrender I have been shut out from any part in governmental affairs.  Not being allowed a vote, I have lived on my farm taking no part trying only to make an honest living.  My feelings are mortified to think such a question has been asked about me.  I came here a stranger and I take this method to inform the public that I am no a Radical; and also that I am in every sense, opposed to secret organizations, that pertain to our government affairs.

Believing all such dangerous to our welfare as a people, and if carried on will finally bring trouble among us and overthrow the last particle of our once great and free government.

Go to the Legislative Halls and Senate chamber, of my native and beloved State, Georgia; the home of my childhood; there see the names of Wm. Stroud, of Clark; and Judge Orion Stroud, of Walton, my father.  Read their yeas and nays on State government and say could a true son of Georgia, reared by such a father be so blinded as to join a secret leagued governmental party.  The very name Loyal League, I detest, yes abhor. And may God forbid that my name should ever be enrolled with a party, that I would be ashamed to own.  If there is any one who by word gave rise to such a question; I want to know them, and have a better understanding on the subject.

Though I am a farmer of very little note, if any, yet I thank God I have principles, and live for a free, open Government, hoping at no distant day to know our Legislative halls are filled with men of talent, and all positions of State and county presided over by men nominated and elected as in days of old, and not by a secret leagued party

Mark L. Stroud

Title:  A Card
Author: Mark L. Stroud
Location: Southeast of Marshall, Texas
Year:  Unknown
Media:  Newspaper article, glued to Page 202 of the Ledger of Captain W. B. Blair




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