Sharon Stone and Marko Sakal

Black Tie Auction Events

We provide an entertaining auction with a mix of savvy stage presence and bravado. Most of our auctions are major black tie benefit events

Robert Eckelkamp has conducted any size auction, ranging from a small to the large major events with A list stars including Jay Leno and Sharon Stone. At this years 24th Annual Black Tie Dinner Event held at the Dallas Adams Mark.

Sharon Stone Autographing her shoes

Sharon Stone donates her shoes to the event...selling price $20,000  Thanks Sharon!

We show you how to have a successful auction.

Our performance at your auction are designed to be very exciting and raise lots of money for your event. Our most creative work comes out in an auction. Our job is to get people to part with their hard earned money. We will translate this energy into something positive for your organization.

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Sharon Stone Searching for Bids

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Sharon Stone
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